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CT PNS (Paranasal Sinuses)

CT PNS (Paranasal Sinuses)

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Sprint diagnosis recognizes the significance of rapid and accurate diagnosis for your health. Our cutting-edge facilities in Hyderabad provide Computed Tomography (CT) scans of all types, a cutting-edge technique that enables detailed and exact imaging.

CT PNS cost at all our diagnostics centers across Hyderabad is just ₹ 3200/-

Home Sample Collection Process

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Book your convenient slot
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Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
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Reporting of the sample at lab
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Download Reports

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You can now book your CT scan at the location nearest to you and booking a slot with one of the top diagnostics in Hyderabad is now easier than ever! To arrange an appointment from the comfort of your own home, call us at 040 69066767 or book online. Our online booking system offers an easy procedure by allowing you to select a time that works best for you.

  • Test NameCT PNS (Paranasal Sinuses)
  • DurationThe entire procedure usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes. However, you should plan to be at the imaging center for about an hour to allow for check-in, preparation, and follow-up instructions.
  • Price₹ 3200/-
CT PNS (Paranasal Sinuses) Scan:

A CT (Computed Tomography) scan of the sinuses (air-filled gaps in the bones surrounding the nose and eyes) is a non-invasive diagnostic treatment that uses X-ray technology to obtain comprehensive images of the sinuses. This treatment lets doctors examine the sinuses for abnormalities or diseases such as sinusitis (sinus inflammation), polyps, tumors, or structural abnormalities such as a deviated septum.

A CT PNS (paranasal sinuses) scan is an important diagnostic tool that helps your doctor diagnose and treat a variety of problems by providing complete images of the sinuses. This test will be used by your doctor to make sure you get the best care possible for any symptoms or illnesses you may be experiencing connected to your sinuses.

Being aware of the procedure and its importance can help reduce the anxiety related to having a scan. Therefore, do not hesitate to discuss the advantages of a CT PNS with your physician if you are having any persistent sinus problems.

Specific Instructions:

Before your CT PNS scan, it is necessary to follow these instructions to ensure accurate results and a smooth testing process:

  • 1

    Fasting: In general, a CT PNS does not require fasting. However, you might be required to fast for a few hours before the procedure if your doctor plans on using contrast dye.

  • 2

    Allergies: You must inform your doctor or radiologist if you have ever experienced an allergic response to contrast material or if you are allergic to iodine.

  • 3

    Medications: Keep taking your prescribed medications Unless the doctor suggests other medication.

  • 4

    Pregnancy: Women should always notify their doctor or radiologist if they suspect they are pregnant.

  • 5

    Do not wear metal accessories

Your health is personal, and we want to make your healthcare journey as convenient as possible. With our widespread presence, you can now book your CT scan at the location nearest to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We charge only ₹ 3200/-

The process of CT PNS is painless.

The complete process normally takes between 10 and 15 minutes. However, plan approximately one hour to spend at the imaging center for check-in, getting ready, and receiving instructions for follow-up.

Results from a CT PNS are usually available within a few days. The timing can vary depending on the facility where you had the scan.

Seek medical assistance right away if you have symptoms such as hives, itching, or difficulty breathing following your CT PNS. Contrast dye allergies are uncommon, but they can be severe.

A CT PNS can aid in the detection of a variety of illnesses such as sinusitis, nasal polyps, tumors, and structural abnormalities such as a deviated septum. It can also detect sinusitis symptoms such as abscesses and bone infections.

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