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Dengue IgG and IgM Rapid Card Test

The Dengue IgG and IgM Rapid Card Test is a qualitative test for the detection of IgM and IgG antibodies to dengue virus in human whole blood, serum or plasma. The test provides a differential detection of anti-dengue IgM and anti-dengue-IgG antibodies and can be used for the presumptive distinction between a primary and secondary dengue infection.

  • Profile Name: Dengue IgG and IgM Rapid Card Test
  • Sample Type: Blood
  • Preparations Required: Fasting Needed
  • Report Time: 1 day

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection causing a severe flu-like illness and, sometimes causing a potentially lethal complication called severe dengue, including dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and dengue shock syndrome (DSS). Quick and accurate diagnosis of dengue is essential for prompt clinical management of the disease and for outbreak control.

Specific Instructions:

The Dengue IgG and IgM Rapid Card Test is a blood test. No special preparations like fasting are needed for this test. However, it is always good to inform your doctor about the medications and supplements you are currently consuming as they might affect the test results.

Home Sample Collection Process

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Book your convenient slot
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Reporting of the sample at lab
Reporting of the sample at lab
Download Reports
Download Reports
Frequently Asked Questions

This test is crucial for the rapid diagnosis of dengue infection. By detecting the presence of dengue-specific antibodies (IgM and IgG), it helps determine whether a person is currently infected (indicated by IgM) or was infected in the past (indicated by IgG).

The test is performed on a blood sample, usually drawn from a vein in your arm by a healthcare professional. The collected sample is then processed in a lab for analysis.

A positive IgM result indicates a recent infection, while a positive IgG test may mean a past infection. A positive IgG with a positive IgM test may mean a secondary dengue infection. Consult your doctor for a comprehensive interpretation of your test results.

If your test results are positive, you should consult an infectious disease specialist or a general physician who can provide appropriate treatment and guide you on the next steps.

Prevention methods mainly involve avoiding mosquito bites. This includes using mosquito repellents, wearing protective clothing, and ensuring that areas where mosquitoes can breed are clean and dry.

If you have symptoms like high fever, severe headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, rash, or mild bleeding (like nose bleed or gum bleeding), and especially if you live in or have recently visited a dengue-endemic area, your doctor might recommend this test.

Some factors like cross-reactivity with other similar viruses such as Zika or Chikungunya might affect the test results. It's always important to provide a full clinical history to your doctor.

No, this test requires a blood sample to be drawn by a healthcare professional and sent to a laboratory for analysis.

In a primary dengue infection, symptoms are typically mild. Secondary dengue infection occurs when a person is infected a second time with a different strain of the virus, and it is often more severe than the first infection.

Yes, there are four different serotypes of dengue virus. Infection with one serotype provides lifelong immunity against that particular serotype, but subsequent infections with other serotypes can occur.

Dengue IgG and IgM Rapid Card Test is a crucial diagnostic tool for the timely detection and management of dengue. If you suspect you have been exposed to dengue virus or are experiencing symptoms, consult your doctor immediately. Proper diagnosis, prompt treatment, and preventive measures can significantly reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with this disease.

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