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About Sprint
About Sprint Diagnostics

Founded with the vision of simplifying diagnostic testing, Sprint Diagnostics is at the forefront of transforming health experiences. Our goal is to make healthcare more accessible, patient-friendly, and reliable. We offer a broad range of lab tests, from routine screenings to specialized diagnostics, in the comfort of your home.

We are a team of dedicated professionals, from phlebotomists to medical experts, all working together to deliver superior service. As your partner in health, we ensure that our services are not just about sample collection and testing, but also about building trust and facilitating better health outcomes.

Choosing Sprint Diagnostics means choosing convenience, accuracy, safety, and confidentiality. It's not just about a test; it's about your health. So why wait? Schedule your appointment with us today. We are always ready to assist you on your path to better health.

Thank you for trusting Sprint Diagnostics - because we care for your health as much as you do.

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To be the Premier Provider of diagnostic Healthcare services with emphasis on Quality, Preventive care delivering consistently high standards with rapid turnaround times and a “ feel at home “ambience globally.

  • To build relationships based on integrity, trust, and respect with all stakeholders
  • To promote continuous innovation and process improvements
  • To promote quality and cost efficiencies

Sprint diagnostics is committed to deliver appropriate, reliable, accurate and timely laboratory services backed by professional excellence achieved through continuous exposure to contemporary practices and technology.