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Sirolimus, also known as Rapamune, is a medication primarily used to prevent the body from rejecting a transplanted kidney. It works by suppressing the body's immune system. The Sirolimus test measures the level of sirolimus in the blood to ensure it is at a therapeutic level, neither too high to cause toxicity nor too low to be ineffective.

Test Name Sirolimus
Sample Type Blood
Preparations Required Avoid eating or drinking anything except water for at least eight hours before the test.
Report Time 24 hours
Price in Hyderabad ₹ 6000

Why is a Sirolimus test done?

The Sirolimus test is done to monitor the level of the drug in the blood to ensure it is within the therapeutic range, allowing the drug to be effective without causing adverse effects.

Is fasting required before this test?

Yes, you should avoid eating or drinking anything except water for at least eight hours before the test.

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What does the Sirolimus test measure?

The test measures the concentration of sirolimus in your blood.

How often should this test be done?

The frequency of testing will depend on your specific condition and your doctor's recommendation. It's generally done shortly after starting the medication and whenever your dose is changed.

What are the normal values for a Sirolimus test?

The therapeutic range for sirolimus is typically between 5 and 15 ng/mL, but it can vary based on the specific clinical situation and the laboratory performing the test.

What precautions should be taken before and after the test?

Before the test, avoid eating or drinking anything other than water for at least eight hours. After the test, you can resume your normal diet and activities.

Are there modifiable factors that can affect the test results?

Yes, the consumption of the sirolimus medication, as well as other drugs that interact with sirolimus, can affect the test results.

What non-modifiable factors can affect the test results?

Genetic factors can influence how your body metabolizes sirolimus, which could potentially affect the test results.

If my test results are abnormal, who should I consult?

If your results are outside the therapeutic range, you should consult your doctor who may adjust your sirolimus dosage or investigate potential interactions with other medications you are taking.

Does the Sirolimus test involve any risks?

This test involves a standard blood draw, which carries minimal risks, such as slight pain, bruising, or infection at the puncture site.

Can certain medical conditions affect the test results?

Liver disease and certain infections may affect sirolimus levels in the body and influence the test results.

Can medications affect the test results?

Yes, numerous medications can interact with sirolimus, potentially affecting its concentration in the blood.

What does a positive result mean in a Sirolimus test?

A positive result doesn't imply disease; it simply indicates the presence of the drug in the blood. The key factor is whether the levels are within the therapeutic range.

Can I take steps to improve my test results?

Following your doctor's instructions regarding sirolimus dosage and timing, as well as informing them about all other medications you are taking, can help maintain sirolimus levels within the therapeutic range.

If my results are abnormal, what treatment options are available?

If your sirolimus levels are outside the therapeutic range, your doctor may adjust your dose or consider other medications that don't interact with sirolimus.

Are certain individuals more likely to have high or low sirolimus levels?

Individuals who don't take their medication as instructed, or those who are taking other medications that interact with sirolimus, are more likely to have abnormal sirolimus levels.

How should I prepare for the Sirolimus test?

You should fast for at least eight hours before the test, and remember to take your medication as instructed by your doctor.

What does it mean if my Sirolimus test is consistently high or low?

Consistently high levels can lead to toxic side effects, while consistently low levels could render the medication ineffective, potentially leading to rejection of the transplanted organ.

How accurate is the Sirolimus test?

The Sirolimus test is a reliable and accurate method for measuring the drug's concentration in the blood.

What other tests might my doctor order alongside the Sirolimus test?

Your doctor might also order liver and kidney function tests, as well as tests for other medications you're taking, to ensure they're not interacting with sirolimus.

The Sirolimus test is a critical tool in managing treatment with the drug, ensuring it's effectively preventing organ rejection without causing harm. Always consult your doctor regarding any concerns you have about this medication or test.

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