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Patient Preparing : There are no special preparations required for this test.

₹ 5500

The Real-Time PCR for Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Type 1&2 test is a diagnostic tool used to detect and quantify the presence of HSV DNA in a patient's blood. This test is particularly important in monitoring the viral load in patients with a known HSV infection, guiding the effectiveness of antiviral therapy, and confirming or ruling out HSV in suspected cases.

HSV Type 1 typically causes oral herpes, known for causing sores around the mouth and lips, sometimes referred to as fever blisters or cold sores. HSV Type 2, on the other hand, typically leads to genital herpes. Both HSV types are lifelong infections with periods of dormancy followed by outbreaks. Early detection and monitoring of these viruses are essential in managing symptoms and preventing transmission to others.

Test Name Real-Time PCR for Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1&2 (Viral Load)
Sample Type Blood
Preparations Required There are no special preparations required for this test.
Report Time 4 days
Price in Hyderabad ₹ 5500

Why is the Real-Time PCR for HSV Type 1&2 test done?

This test is performed to diagnose an active HSV infection, measure the amount of HSV DNA in the blood, and monitor the effectiveness of antiviral therapy in patients with a known HSV infection.

What do the results mean?

A positive result indicates an active HSV-1 or HSV-2 infection. The viral load number can help assess the severity of the infection and the effectiveness of treatment.

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What are the symptoms of HSV infection?

Symptoms may include painful blisters or open sores in the mouth or genital areas, fever, body aches, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, tiredness and painful urination.

How is HSV transmitted?

HSV is primarily transmitted through direct contact with the sores or body fluids of an infected individual, often through oral, vaginal, or anal sex, and also by sharing lip balm or razors.

Can I prevent HSV infection?

Using protection during sexual activity, avoiding sex during an active outbreak, and not sharing personal items like razors can help prevent HSV transmission.

Is this test painful?

A6: This test involves a routine blood draw, which may cause mild discomfort and bruising at the injection site.

What happens if my viral load is high?

A high viral load suggests an active or severe infection. This information helps your healthcare provider decide on the best course of treatment.

Can I take this test if I'm pregnant?

A8: Yes, if you're pregnant and have or suspect you have an HSV infection, testing is essential as HSV can be passed from mother to baby during childbirth.

Are there any side effects to the test?

The test is generally safe, with slight risk of bruising, infection, or fainting during the blood draw.

Can HSV infection be cured?

There's currently no cure for HSV infection, but medications can manage symptoms, reduce outbreaks, and lower the risk of transmission.

Does a negative test result mean I do not have HSV?

A negative result generally suggests no active infection, but it doesn't rule out the possibility of past or future HSV infections.

Does HSV affect my overall health?

HSV itself usually causes mild symptoms, but it can lead to severe complications in people with weakened immune systems and can increase the risk of acquiring HIV.

Can HSV reoccur?

Yes, HSV is a lifelong infection with intermittent outbreaks.

What factors can trigger an HSV outbreak?

Factors include stress, fatigue, other infections, hormonal changes, or trauma to the affected area.

Who should I consult if my test results are abnormal?

An abnormal result should be discussed with a healthcare provider, typically a dermatologist, gynecologist, urologist, or infectious disease specialist.

Understanding your Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1&2 test results can be a crucial aspect of managing your health. If you've tested positive for HSV, it's important to consult with your healthcare provider to understand the best course of action. This might include antiviral medications to manage your symptoms and reduce the risk of transmission. Always remember that your participation is key to maintaining optimal health.

Can a Real-Time PCR for HSV Type 1&2 test diagnose both oral and genital herpes?

Yes, the test can detect both HSV Type 1, typically responsible for oral herpes, and HSV Type 2, which usually causes genital herpes.

Can this test detect HSV in the dormant stage?

While PCR is a highly sensitive test, it may not always detect HSV when the virus is dormant and not actively producing viral particles.

How often should I get this test if I have HSV?

The frequency of testing depends on your symptoms and your doctor's recommendations. If you're on antiviral therapy, your doctor may schedule regular tests to monitor the viral load and treatment efficacy.

What is the difference between 'free virus' and 'latent virus'?

Free virus' refers to active viral particles capable of causing infection, while 'latent virus' refers to a dormant state of the virus that remains in the body but does not cause symptoms.

Can HSV be transmitted even if sores are not present?

Yes, HSV can be transmitted from an infected individual to an uninfected individual even if sores are not present, through a process called asymptomatic shedding.

Is there a vaccine for HSV?

As of now, there is no approved vaccine for HSV. However, research is ongoing to develop an effective vaccine.

Are there any dietary restrictions before the test?

No, there are no dietary restrictions before taking the test.

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