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Patient Preparing : There is no specific preparation required for this test. Continue all your regular medications unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare provider.

₹ 850

The free Prostate-Specific Antigen (fPSA) test is a type of prostate-specific antigen test that measures the level of free PSA in the blood. PSA is a protein produced by both normal and cancerous prostate cells. Free PSA refers to PSA molecules that are not bound to other proteins in the blood. A lower percentage of free PSA in your blood may indicate that you have prostate cancer.

Test Name PSA - free, (fPSA)
Sample Type Blood
Preparations Required There is no specific preparation required for this test. Continue all your regular medications unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare provider.
Report Time 4 hours
Price in Hyderabad ₹ 850

Why is a free PSA test ordered?

A free PSA test is usually ordered when a man's total PSA results are in the borderline range. The results of the free PSA test can help doctors distinguish between prostate cancer and benign prostatic conditions.

What do the results of a free PSA test mean?

A lower percentage of free PSA might indicate that you have prostate cancer. However, results can vary based on several factors, so it's crucial to discuss them with your healthcare provider.

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Is the fPSA test painful?

The fPSA test is a standard blood test, so you might feel a little sting or pinch when the needle is inserted. However, any discomfort is usually brief.

Does a high total PSA level always mean I have prostate cancer?

Not necessarily. While higher levels of total PSA can be a sign of prostate cancer, other conditions such as an enlarged prostate (BPH) or a prostate infection can also raise PSA levels.

How is the fPSA test different from the total PSA test?

The total PSA test measures all forms of PSA in the blood. The free PSA test measures only the unbound form of PSA. These two tests are often used together to diagnose and monitor prostate conditions.

What factors can affect my fPSA levels?

Certain medications, obesity, aging, and some genetic factors can affect your fPSA levels. Make sure your doctor knows your complete medical history for accurate results interpretation.

What other tests might be done if my fPSA levels are abnormal?

If your fPSA levels are abnormal, your doctor might order additional tests such as a biopsy, an MRI, or a Prostate Health Index (PHI) test to further evaluate your condition.

How often should I get a fPSA test?

The frequency of fPSA testing depends on your age, health, and risk factors for prostate cancer. Discuss with your healthcare provider for personalized recommendations.

What is the normal range for fPSA?

The normal range of free PSA varies, but generally, a higher percentage of free PSA is considered normal. A lower percentage might be an indication of prostate cancer.

Can a fPSA test replace a prostate biopsy?

No, a fPSA test can't replace a biopsy. It's a diagnostic tool that helps determine the need for a prostate biopsy.

Can fPSA levels be used to monitor prostate cancer treatment?

Yes, fPSA levels can be used to monitor the effectiveness of prostate cancer treatment. However, other tests may also be necessary.

What happens if my fPSA levels keep rising?

If your fPSA levels keep rising, it might indicate that your prostate condition is worsening. Your doctor might recommend further testing or a change in your treatment plan.

Can certain foods or supplements affect my fPSA levels?

Currently, there's no strong evidence to suggest that specific foods or supplements can significantly alter fPSA levels. However, maintaining a healthy diet is essential for overall health and disease prevention.

What steps can I take to maintain healthy fPSA levels?

Regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and a balanced diet are key to overall health, including prostate health. However, some factors that influence fPSA levels, like age and genetics, can't be controlled.

Can a fPSA test be used to screen for prostate cancer?

While the fPSA test is a valuable tool, it's just one piece of the puzzle. Your doctor will consider these results along with other tests and factors to make a diagnosis. Always consult with your healthcare provider about the best screening options for you.

The fPSA test provides critical information about your prostate health and is often used in conjunction with other tests for a more comprehensive understanding. If you have any questions or concerns about the test, do not hesitate to discuss them with your healthcare provider. Remember, early detection is key to successfully managing and treating many health conditions, including prostate cancer.

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