Liver Cytosolic Antigen Type-1 (LC-1) Antibody

The Liver Cytosolic Antigen Type-1 (LC-1) Antibody test is a specific type of blood test used primarily in the evaluation of autoimmune liver diseases. The presence of LC-1 antibodies is a hallmark of a condition known as autoimmune hepatitis (AIH), particularly Type 2 AIH, which is more common in children and teenagers. This test can assist in the diagnosis of AIH and in monitoring the progression and response to treatment of the disease.

  • Test NameLiver Cytosolic Antigen Type-1 (LC-1) Antibody
  • Sample TypeBlood
  • Preparations RequiredNo specific preparations like fasting or water restrictions are necessary for this test. Continue with your regular diet and medications unless advised otherwise by your healthcare provider.
  • Report Time6 hours

Autoimmune hepatitis is a condition in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks the liver, leading to inflammation and potentially severe damage, including cirrhosis and liver failure. While the exact cause of AIH is unknown, it is thought to involve a combination of genetic and environmental factors that trigger an abnormal immune response.

Home Sample Collection Process
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Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Reporting of the sample at lab
Reporting of the sample at lab
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Download Reports
Frequently Asked Questions

This test is ordered if your healthcare provider suspects you may have autoimmune hepatitis, especially Type 2 AIH. It may be used in conjunction with other tests to establish a diagnosis.

A positive result suggests the presence of LC-1 antibodies, which is associated with autoimmune hepatitis, particularly Type 2 AIH.

The test requires a blood sample, which is drawn from a vein in your arm.

The test involves a routine blood draw, which may cause slight pain, bruising, or bleeding at the needle insertion site, but serious complications are rare.

A positive LC-1 Antibody test, in conjunction with other clinical signs and laboratory findings, can help confirm a diagnosis of AIH.

While most commonly associated with AIH, LC-1 antibodies may occasionally be present in other liver conditions, so a positive result does not definitively confirm AIH.

Treatment for AIH typically involves medications to suppress the immune system and reduce inflammation in the liver.

No, fasting is not generally required for the LC-1 Antibody test.

The frequency of this test depends on your medical condition, treatment plan, and your healthcare provider's recommendations.

Abnormal test results may indicate the presence of autoimmune hepatitis or another liver condition. Your healthcare provider will interpret your results in the context of your overall health and other test results.

Yes, this test may be used to monitor response to treatment, as decreasing levels of LC-1 antibodies may indicate improvement.

The prognosis for individuals with AIH varies widely and depends on many factors, including the severity of the disease at diagnosis, the individual's response to treatment, and any accompanying health conditions.

While there is currently no cure for AIH, the condition can often be managed effectively with medication, allowing individuals to lead normal, healthy lives.

As the exact cause of AIH is unknown, there are currently no known strategies for preventing the disease.

No, AIH is not contagious. It is an autoimmune disease, which means it occurs when the body's immune system mistakenly attacks its own liver.

No, the LC-1 Antibody test requires a blood sample that needs to be collected by a healthcare professional.

Your healthcare provider will help you interpret your test results. Typically, a positive result indicates the presence of LC-1 antibodies, which is associated with AIH.

A positive result should be discussed with your healthcare provider, who will guide you on the next steps, which may include further tests and treatment options.

No, the diagnosis of AIH is usually based on a combination of clinical findings, laboratory tests including but not limited to the LC-1 antibody test, and often a liver biopsy.

No special preparations are needed for this test. Continue with your normal diet and medications unless instructed otherwise by your healthcare provider.

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