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Karyotyping with Reflex FISH - 5 Markers

Karyotyping with Reflex FISH using Products of Conception (POC) is a diagnostic procedure that involves analyzing chromosomes in the cells obtained from the tissue of a miscarriage or termination. Chromosomes carry our genetic material and any anomalies in their structure or number can cause development issues or pregnancy loss.

  • Test NameKaryotyping (Products of Conception) with Reflex FISH - 5 Markers
  • Sample TypeProducts of Conception (tissue)
  • Preparations RequiredThere are no specific preparations for the patient, as the sample is collected after a miscarriage or a termination procedure.
  • Report Time21 days

Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) is combined with traditional karyotyping in this procedure. FISH utilizes fluorescent probes that attach to specific chromosome segments. This is particularly useful for detecting particular genetic abnormalities that might not be visible through conventional karyotyping.

This test is usually performed after a miscarriage or termination to understand if chromosomal abnormalities were a contributing factor.

Home Sample Collection Process

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Book your convenient slot
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Reporting of the sample at lab
Reporting of the sample at lab
Download Reports
Download Reports
Frequently Asked Questions

Karyotyping with POC helps in understanding the causes of a miscarriage or fetal abnormalities. It is vital for planning future pregnancies and assessing the risk of recurrence.

No, fasting is not required as the sample is collected after a miscarriage or termination procedure.

No specific preparation is required for the patient, as the sample is usually collected by healthcare professionals following a miscarriage or termination.

This test analyzes the chromosomes in the products of conception and can identify abnormalities in their number or structure, which might have contributed to pregnancy loss or fetal abnormalities.

This test is performed after a miscarriage or termination when there is a need to investigate the possible causes for future reference.

Normal results would indicate 46 chromosomes with a typical structure. Any deviation from this should be evaluated and discussed with a doctor.

There are no specific precautions for the patient as the sample is collected post-miscarriage or termination.

Chromosomal abnormalities can be inherited or occur spontaneously. They are not influenced by environmental factors and are usually random events.

In case of abnormal results, a geneticist or a doctor specializing in reproductive health and genetics should be consulted.

The sample is collected from the tissue after a miscarriage or termination by a healthcare professional.

As this test is performed on tissue collected after a miscarriage or termination, there are no risks associated with the collection procedure for the patient.

If an abnormality is detected, genetic counseling will be provided. The information is vital for future family planning and understanding the risks in subsequent pregnancies.

It typically takes between 14 to 21 days to receive the results of this test.

No, while it is effective in detecting many chromosomal abnormalities, it may not detect all genetic disorders, especially those caused by mutations in a single gene.

FISH, or Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization, uses fluorescent probes to detect specific genetic abnormalities. It adds an extra layer of analysis to traditional karyotyping and can identify issues that might be missed with karyotyping alone.

Understanding the genetic factors that may have contributed to a miscarriage or fetal abnormalities is critical for emotional closure and future family planning. Karyotyping with reflex FISH using products of conception provides valuable information on the chromosomal makeup of the fetal tissue and helps in determining whether genetic abnormalities were a contributing factor. The insights gained from this test are vital for counseling and planning for subsequent pregnancies.

Karyotyping (Products of Conception) with reflex FISH- 5 Markers
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