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IHC - HMB45 Melanoma Test, Price, Normal Range | Sprint Diagnostics Hyderabad

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) has revolutionized the field of diagnostic pathology by providing additional, often critical, diagnostic information. Among the myriad of markers, HMB45 is a crucial immunohistochemical marker used in detecting melanoma, a type of skin cancer that develops from melanocytes. The HMB45 antibody detects a specific antigen present in melanoma cells, making it an essential tool in the diagnosis and management of melanoma.

Melanoma is known for its aggressive nature and potential to spread to other parts of the body. Early detection is key to successful treatment, and the HMB45 melanoma marker plays a vital role in identifying melanoma cells, especially in early stages or when the tumor is ambiguous in appearance.

  • Test Name: IHC - HMB45 Melanoma
  • Sample Type: Tissue
  • Preparations Required: No specific instructions; the test is performed on a tissue sample usually obtained through a biopsy.
  • Report Time: 3 Hours

Home Sample Collection Process

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Book your convenient slot
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Reporting of the sample at lab
Reporting of the sample at lab
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Download Reports
Frequently Asked Questions

HMB45 is an antibody used in IHC to detect an antigen found in melanoma cells. This marker helps in the identification and confirmation of melanoma, especially when it's difficult to diagnose based on appearance alone.

The HMB45 test is crucial for early detection of melanoma. It can provide definitive evidence of melanoma, which is essential for timely and appropriate treatment. Identifying melanoma at an early stage can significantly improve the prognosis and reduce the risk of the cancer spreading.

The HMB45 Melanoma Marker test is performed on a tissue sample, usually obtained through a biopsy of the suspicious lesion. The tissue is then treated with the HMB45 antibody and observed under a microscope to check for the presence of the antigen.

A positive result indicates the presence of melanoma cells in the tissue sample. This is usually a critical piece of information guiding the doctor in diagnosis and treatment planning.

No, fasting is not required as the test is performed on a tissue sample.

The HMB45 Melanoma Marker test is usually performed when there is suspicion of melanoma based on the appearance of a skin lesion, or when additional confirmation is needed for diagnosis. It is not a routine test and is only done based on clinical need.

Normal tissue not affected by melanoma should not show the antigen that HMB45 detects. Therefore, a negative result is normal.

There are no specific precautions related to the test itself. However, follow the healthcare provider's instructions regarding the biopsy procedure if a tissue sample is being taken.

If the test indicates the presence of melanoma, you should consult a dermatologist or oncologist for further evaluation and treatment.

The test's accuracy can be affected by the quality of the tissue sample and the techniques used in the laboratory. The experience of the pathologist interpreting the results is also crucial.

The risks associated with the HMB45 Melanoma Marker test are primarily related to the biopsy procedure, such as infection or bleeding.

HMB45 is specific to melanoma and is not typically used to diagnose other types of cancer.

Yes, the HMB45 test is a reliable tool in diagnosing melanoma. However, it is usually used in combination with other diagnostic methods.

No, this test requires a tissue sample, which needs to be collected by a healthcare professional, and then processed in a laboratory.

The test itself is not painful, but the biopsy procedure to obtain the tissue sample can cause discomfort.

Melanoma is a severe form of skin cancer. Its early detection, using tools like the HMB45 Melanoma Marker test, is pivotal for successful treatment and patient survival. The test, albeit sophisticated, is a routine part of managing skin cancers and is instrumental in diagnosing melanoma, particularly in its early stages. Always consult your healthcare provider for any concerns or further information related to this test and melanoma.

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