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Understanding the role of Her-2/neu c-erb in cancer helps clarify the significance of this test. Her-2/neu, also known as ERBB2, is a gene that codes for a protein receptor on the surface of cells. This protein is part of a family of receptors involved in the regulation of cell growth, survival, and differentiation. In normal cells, Her-2/neu plays a role in cell growth and repair. However, in certain types of cancer, the Her-2/neu gene is amplified, or there are too many copies of the gene, leading to an overexpression of the protein. This overexpression can lead to uncontrolled cell growth, a hallmark of cancer.

IHC for Her-2/neu c-erb is most commonly used in diagnosing breast and gastric cancers. In breast cancer, around 20-30% of invasive breast cancers have an overexpression of Her-2/neu, which is associated with a more aggressive disease, increased recurrence, and decreased patient survival. The results of the IHC test for Her-2/neu can guide treatment options, as certain therapies specifically target cancers with a high expression of Her-2/neu.

  • Test Name: IHC - Her-2/neu c-erb
  • Sample Type: Tissue
  • Preparations Required: No specific instructions are required before the test.
  • Report Time: 3 days

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Reporting of the sample at lab
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Frequently Asked Questions

A positive result indicates that there is an overexpression of the Her-2/neu protein, suggesting that the tumor might respond to drugs specifically designed to target this protein.

No, this test uses a tissue sample, so there is no need for fasting.

The test is performed on a tissue sample which is usually obtained through a biopsy. The tissue sample is then processed in a lab where it is exposed to antibodies that bind to the Her-2/neu protein. If the protein is present, it will bind with the antibodies and can be visualized under a microscope.

If your cancer cells an overexpression of Her-2/neu, your doctor may recommend treatments that specifically target this protein.

This test is not routinely done. Your doctor will decide when it should be performed based on your diagnosis and treatment plan.

The levels of Her-2/neu c-erb can vary based on the type and stage of the cancer. Some cancers may have a high level of Her-2/neu, while others may not.

An abnormal result should be discussed with your oncologist, who can interpret the results in the context of your overall health and treatment plan.

In normal cells, Her-2/neu is not overexpressed. However, the test does not give a simple positive or negative result but rather a score that indicates the level of protein expression.

Certain non-cancerous conditions can cause an overexpression of Her-2/neu, but it is generally associated with cancer.

The test itself carries no risk, but the biopsy procedure used to collect the tissue sample can have risks, including bleeding and infection.

No specific preparation is needed for this test. The test is performed on a tissue sample, which is usually obtained during a biopsy.

The importance of the Her-2/neu c-erb IHC test lies in its ability to help guide treatment decisions in breast and gastric cancer. By determining if a tumor overexpresses the Her-2/neu protein, the test can help indicate if certain targeted therapies may be effective.

There are no specific precautions related to the test itself. However, if the test is performed on a tissue sample obtained through a biopsy, you may need to follow specific care instructions related to the biopsy procedure.

Yes, as this test is conducted on a tissue sample and not a blood sample, your eating and drinking habits will not impact the results.

The test itself is carried out in a lab on a tissue sample usually obtained from a biopsy. If you are having a biopsy, your healthcare provider will explain the procedure to you and what you can expect.

Modifiable factors are those that you can change, like lifestyle choices, diet, or habits like smoking. Non-modifiable factors are those you can't change, like age or genetic predisposition.

There are currently no known lifestyle or environmental factors that are known to affect Her-2/neu c-erb levels or alter its expression.

The primary non-modifiable factor is the presence of cancer, specifically certain types of breast and gastric cancer, that can overexpress Her-2/neu.

Yes, like all tests, there is a small possibility of a false positive or false negative. However, in most cases, the test is reliable and accurate.

You should direct your questions to your healthcare provider, who can help you understand the test and what your results may mean. In conclusion, the Her-2/neu c-erb IHC test is a critical diagnostic tool in cancer management, particularly for breast and gastric cancer. It allows doctors to decide the most effective treatment plan based on the specific characteristics of the cancer. Understanding the process and implications of this test can help patients make informed decisions about their treatment, and provide valuable insights into their disease.

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