Best culture and sensitivity aerobic test for semen in Hyderabad

The culture and sensitivity test for semen is a laboratory investigation designed to identify bacterial infections within the male reproductive tract. The test is aimed at identifying specific bacteria present in the semen and analyzing their susceptibility to various antibiotics. The male reproductive tract can harbor various bacteria, some of which are normal inhabitants while others can be pathogens causing infections such as prostatitis, epididymitis, or contribute to infertility. Semen samples are collected by the patient through masturbation into a sterile container. The sample is then cultured in a laboratory, where it is put under conditions conducive to bacterial growth.

Bacterial infections of the male reproductive tract are a common cause of discomfort and can lead to complications such as reduced fertility or chronic pain if left untreated. When interpreting culture and sensitivity test results, healthcare professionals compare them to established normal values. This comparison helps determine the significance of bacterial growth and guides the selection of an appropriate antibiotic regimen tailored to the individual's needs.

Test Name Culture and Sensitivity - Aerobic [Semen]
Sample Type Semen
Preparations Required Abstain from sexual activity for 2-5 days prior to the test to ensure an adequate sample. Do not use any lubricants or antiseptics during sample collection.
Report Time 3 days
Price in Hyderabad ₹ 850

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the Culture and Sensitivity test performed on semen?

This test is performed to detect the presence of bacteria in the semen which can cause infections in the male reproductive system. It is also used to determine the sensitivity of these bacteria to antibiotics, which helps in selecting an appropriate treatment.

2. Is there any risk associated with this test?

There is no physical risk associated with collecting a semen sample for this test. However, the test may cause anxiety or emotional stress for some patients.

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3. What do the results of the test mean?

If bacteria are detected in the semen, the sensitivity portion of the test will show which antibiotics are likely to be effective against these bacteria. This helps the doctor in selecting an effective treatment. If no bacteria are detected, it is likely that your symptoms may not be due to a bacterial infection.

4. Can this test be used in the evaluation of infertility?

Yes, infection of the male reproductive tract can affect sperm quality and contribute to infertility. This test is useful in identifying bacterial infections that may be a contributing factor to infertility.

5. What happens if the Culture and Sensitivity test results show an infection?

If the test results indicate a bacterial infection in the semen, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics that are effective against the bacteria identified. It’s important to complete the full course of antibiotics even if the symptoms have resolved.

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