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Culture and Sensitivity - Aerobic [ET]

Home Sample Collection Process

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Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Reporting of the sample at lab
Reporting of the sample at lab
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Download Reports
Frequently Asked Questions

This test is typically recommended for patients who are on mechanical ventilation, as they are at a higher risk for developing respiratory infections such as ventilator-associated pneumonia. It can also be recommended for patients showing symptoms of lower respiratory tract infections.

A healthcare professional will collect the sample through an endotracheal tube. A small catheter is inserted through the tube into the trachea and a small amount of saline is instilled, followed by gentle suction to retrieve the sample.

Sensitivity testing involves exposing the bacteria cultured from the sample to different antibiotics. This is done to ascertain which antibiotic or combination of antibiotics is most effective in inhibiting or killing the bacteria.

Obtaining culture and sensitivity information helps in prescribing the most effective antibiotic therapy for the infection. This can lead to quicker resolution of symptoms, reduce the chances of complications, and help in preventing the development of antibiotic resistance.

Collecting an ET aspirate is generally considered safe. However, there is a small risk of inducing cough, causing discomfort, or potentially contaminating the sample if not collected properly.

No, this test is specifically designed to detect bacterial infections. Other tests are needed to identify viral infections.

If the bacteria are resistant to standard antibiotics, the doctor may prescribe a combination of antibiotics or use alternative medications. In some cases, consultation with an infectious disease specialist may be needed.

Preliminary results are often available within 24-48 hours. However, final identification and sensitivity results may take 3-7 days.

The culture results will indicate whether bacteria are present. The sensitivity results will show which antibiotics are effective against the bacteria. Your doctor will use this information to determine the best course of treatment.

If the test results indicate an infection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics based on the sensitivity results. It is important to follow the prescribed treatment plan and attend any follow-up appointments.

Being diagnosed with a respiratory infection, especially while on mechanical ventilation, can be concerning. However, with the information obtained through the Culture and Sensitivity - Aerobic [ET] test, your doctor can prescribe the most effective treatment for your condition. Timely and appropriate treatment is crucial in managing infections and preventing complications. Always make sure to communicate openly with your doctor regarding your symptoms and concerns to ensure the best possible care.

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