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Patient Preparing : No fasting is required. It is advisable to inform your doctor about any medications you are taking.

₹ 12500

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) is a cancer that involves the accumulation of abnormal lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, in the bone marrow and blood. CLL Cytogenetics 2 is a diagnostic test that combines two techniques – Karyotyping and Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) – to detect various chromosomal abnormalities associated with CLL. This test specifically identifies the deletion in chromosome 17p (del17p), deletion in chromosome 11q (del 11q), and trisomy 12. The information obtained through this test is essential in understanding the genetic composition of the cancer cells, guiding treatment options, and prognostic assessment.

Karyotyping involves staining and visualization of chromosomes under a microscope, whereas FISH utilizes fluorescent probes to detect specific DNA sequences. These tests combined provide a comprehensive genetic analysis that is essential for CLL management.

Test Name CLL Cytogenetics 2 (Karyotyping + FISH for del17p + del 11q (ATM deletion) + trisomy 12)
Sample Type Blood/bone marrow
Preparations Required No fasting is required. It is advisable to inform your doctor about any medications you are taking.
Report Time Refer individual test
Price in Hyderabad ₹ 12500

What are the chromosomal abnormalities that CLL Cytogenetics 2 test identifies?

This test identifies three chromosomal abnormalities - deletion in chromosome 17p (del17p), deletion in chromosome 11q (del 11q, also known as ATM deletion), and trisomy 12 (extra copy of chromosome 12).

What is the significance of these chromosomal abnormalities in CLL?

Del17p and del 11q are associated with a more aggressive form of CLL and are known to be resistant to standard chemotherapy. Trisomy 12 is generally associated with an intermediate prognosis. Identifying these abnormalities can help in risk stratification and in formulating an effective treatment plan.

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Why is it important to perform chromosomal analysis in CLL?

Chromosomal analysis is important as it can provide information on the genetic makeup of the CLL cells. This information can guide treatment decisions and provide insights into the likely course of the disease.

What information does CLL Cytogenetics 2 provide?

This test provides detailed information about the presence or absence of specific chromosomal abnormalities in CLL cells, which are del17p, del 11q, and trisomy 12.

Is there any specific preparation required for CLL Cytogenetics 2 test?

There is no specific preparation required. However, it’s recommended to inform your doctor of any medications you are currently taking.

What are the normal values for this test?

Normal values indicate the absence of the chromosomal abnormalities. Presence of del17p, del 11q, or trisomy 12 is considered abnormal.

Which doctor should I consult if the test results are abnormal?

If the test results are abnormal, consult a hematologist or an oncologist who specializes in blood cancers.

How does the presence of these chromosomal abnormalities affect treatment options?

The presence of del17p or del 11q indicates resistance to certain chemotherapy drugs, and alternative treatments like targeted therapies might be considered. Trisomy 12 requires careful monitoring and may involve different treatment approaches based on additional factors.

How often should this test be performed?

This test is usually performed at the time of CLL diagnosis. It may be repeated if there is a significant change in the disease or if considering a new treatment option.

Are there modifiable factors that affect the levels of chromosomal abnormalities?

No, chromosomal abnormalities are genetic in nature and are not influenced by lifestyle or environmental factors.

Is CLL curable?

Currently, CLL is not curable, but it can be managed effectively with treatment. Newer therapies are continually being developed.

How can I manage CLL?

Managing CLL involves regular monitoring, following your doctor’s recommendations for treatment, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What are the next steps if chromosomal abnormalities are detected?

If chromosomal abnormalities are detected, your doctor will discuss the implications regarding your CLL prognosis and treatment options.

What is the role of FISH in CLL Cytogenetics 2?

FISH uses fluorescent probes to detect specific DNA sequences, allowing for the identification of chromosomal abnormalities, even when they might not be visible through conventional karyotyping.

Understanding the genetic makeup of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia cells is crucial for optimizing patient management strategies. The CLL Cytogenetics 2 test, combining Karyotyping and FISH, provides essential insights into the chromosomal abnormalities present. This information, combined with the expertise of your hematologist or oncologist, guides the development of a personalized treatment plan tailored to the genetic characteristics of your CLL. Regular monitoring and adherence to the treatment plan are vital components in the effective management of CLL.

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