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Affordable Canavan Disease Test Near You in Hyderabad

Canavan disease is a rare inherited neurological disorder characterized by the degeneration of nerve cells in the brain. It's a type of leukodystrophy and is caused by the deficiency of an enzyme known as aspartoacylase. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down a compound called N-acetylaspartic acid (NAA). In Canavan disease, due to enzyme deficiency, NAA builds up in the brain, leading to the progressive damage of nerve cells.

  • Test NameCanavan Disease (N-Acetyl Aspartic Acid)
  • Sample TypeUrine
  • Preparations RequiredNo special preparation is required for this test.
  • Report Time7 days

The Canavan Disease test is a diagnostic method used to measure the levels of N-acetylaspartic acid in the body. Elevated levels of NAA in the body fluids may indicate the presence of Canavan disease. This test is crucial in early detection, which can help manage the disease's symptoms and progress.

Home Sample Collection Process

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Book your convenient slot
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Reporting of the sample at lab
Reporting of the sample at lab
Download Reports
Download Reports
Frequently Asked Questions

The Canavan Disease test is a diagnostic test used to detect elevated levels of N-acetylaspartic acid in the blood or urine. High levels of NAA might indicate the presence of Canavan disease.

This test is critical for early detection of Canavan disease, a rare inherited neurological disorder. Early diagnosis can assist with management strategies to help with the disease's symptoms.

No, fasting is not necessary for this test.

This test measures the amount of N-acetylaspartic acid (NAA) in your urine. High levels of NAA might suggest Canavan disease.

The test is not done routinely. It's usually ordered if Canavan disease is suspected based on symptoms or family history.

Normal values can vary, but generally, low levels of NAA are expected in healthy individuals.

High values of NAA may indicate the presence of Canavan disease or other leukodystrophies. However, your doctor will interpret these results in conjunction with your symptoms and other test results.

No specific precautions are needed before this test.

Genetic mutations leading to the deficiency of the enzyme aspartoacylase are the primary factor affecting the levels of NAA.

You should consult a neurologist or a genetic counselor if your test results are abnormal.

The test is performed using a urine sample, which is collected and sent to a lab for analysis.

While the test specifically looks for elevated levels of NAA to diagnose Canavan disease, other conditions, including other types of leukodystrophies, might also cause elevated NAA levels.

You should see a neurologist or a genetic counselor if you have a positive result.

As Canavan disease is a genetic disorder, medications are not likely to affect the test's results.

The test is highly accurate in detecting elevated levels of NAA, but it is only one piece of the diagnostic puzzle. Other diagnostic tests, as well as clinical symptoms, are needed to confirm a diagnosis of Canavan disease.

Knowledge is power when it comes to dealing with a disease like Canavan. By understanding the purpose of the Canavan Disease test, and what your results mean, you'll be better prepared to work with your doctor to manage your symptoms and understand your condition. Always consult your doctor for any concerns or questions about this test.

Canavan Disease (N-Acetyl Aspartic Acid)
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