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c-Kit Mutation - Blood

The c-Kit Mutation test is a type of genetic test that looks for mutations in the KIT gene. This gene provides instructions for making a protein (c-Kit) that helps control many important cellular processes such as cell growth and division. Mutations in the KIT gene are associated with certain types of cancer, including gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs), certain types of leukemia, and melanoma.

  • Test Name c-Kit Mutation - Blood
  • Sample Type Blood/ bone marrow
  • Preparations Required There are no special instructions regarding fasting or restrictions on water consumption prior to the test.
  • Report Time 10 days

  • Home Sample Collection Process

    Book your convenient slot
    Book your convenient slot
    Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
    Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
    Reporting of the sample at lab
    Reporting of the sample at lab
    Download Reports
    Download Reports
    Frequently Asked Questions

    The c-Kit Mutation test is a genetic test that identifies mutations in the KIT gene. This can help diagnose certain types of cancer and guide treatment decisions.

    You might need this test if you have symptoms or a diagnosis of a cancer that is associated with KIT gene mutations, such as GISTs, leukemia, or melanoma. The test can help guide your treatment plan.

    This test is performed on a blood sample, which is drawn from a vein in your arm.

    If a KIT gene mutation is detected, it suggests that your cancer may respond to certain targeted therapies. If no mutation is found, other tests may be needed to determine the best course of treatment.

    No special preparation is needed for this test. However, you should inform your doctor of any medications or supplements you're taking as these may affect the results.

    The risks are minimal and may include slight pain or bruising at the needle site.

    If your test results are abnormal, you should consult an oncologist, a doctor who specializes in cancer treatment.

    The presence of a KIT mutation may mean that targeted therapies, such as tyrosine kinase inhibitors, could be effective for your treatment.

    Yes, certain medications and medical conditions can affect the accuracy of this test. It's important to discuss all of your health conditions and medications with your doctor prior to the test.

    No, fasting is not necessary before this test.

    Normal results would show no mutation in the KIT gene. However, the interpretation of results should always be done in conjunction with your symptoms, medical history, and other diagnostic tests.

    An abnormal result, i.e., the presence of a KIT mutation, suggests that your cancer might respond to certain types of targeted therapies.

    The frequency of this test will depend on your doctor's recommendations, based on your diagnosis, treatment plan, and response to therapy.

    There are no specific precautions to take after the test. However, it's important to discuss your results with your doctor, who can guide you on the next steps in your treatment.

    There are no significant side effects associated with this test, aside from possible minor bruising or infection at the needle site.

    There are no modifiable factors that significantly impact the results of this test as the presence or absence of KIT mutations is primarily determined by genetics.

    The nonmodifiable factors that affect the results of this test are primarily genetic. Your genetic makeup determines whether or not you have a KIT mutation.

    If your test results are abnormal, you should consult with your doctor, who can explain the results and discuss the best treatment options.

    Can medications affect my test results?

    No, this test requires a blood sample to be drawn by a healthcare professional and should be performed in a clinical setting.

    This test is an essential tool in diagnosing and guiding the treatment of cancers associated with KIT gene mutations. Understanding your test results can help you and your doctor make the most informed decisions about your treatment

c-Kit Mutation - Blood
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