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Blood Group Antibody Screening and Identification- Price, Normal Range | Sprint Diagnostics Hyderabad

Blood Group Antibody Screening and Identification are crucial laboratory tests conducted primarily to ensure the safety of blood transfusions. It involves the detection and identification of antibodies in the blood that might react against antigens present on red blood cells (RBCs). This is essential in preventing transfusion reactions, which can be life-threatening. The tests are vital not only for patients requiring blood transfusions but also for pregnant women, as certain antibodies have the potential to cross the placenta and attack the fetus' red blood cells.

Blood Group Antibody Screening is the first part of the process. It involves testing the patient's serum or plasma with reagent red blood cells. If this screening test is positive, meaning that there are antibodies present, it is followed by the Blood Group Antibody Identification test. The identification process is more detailed and seeks to determine the specificity of the antibodies detected in the screening test.

  • Test Name Blood Group Antibody Screening and Identification
  • Sample Type Blood
  • Preparations Required No special preparation is needed for this test.
  • Report Time 1 week

Home Sample Collection Process

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Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Reporting of the sample at lab
Reporting of the sample at lab
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Download Reports
Frequently Asked Questions

These tests are crucial for ensuring the safety and compatibility of blood transfusions by detecting antibodies that can cause adverse reactions. It's also important for the management of Rh-negative mothers during pregnancy.

It is an initial test that detects the presence of unexpected antibodies in the blood that might react with antigens on red blood cells.

When antibodies are detected through screening, the identification test determines the specific antibodies present in the blood.

Individuals who need a blood transfusion, pregnant women, people who have undergone organ transplants, and those with a history of transfusion reactions should get this test.

For the screening, the patient’s serum is mixed with reagent red blood cells. If antibodies are present, agglutination occurs. If the screening test is positive, additional testing is conducted to identify the specific antibodies.

A positive result in the screening test means that there are antibodies in the blood. The identification test will tell which specific antibodies are present.

Identifying specific antibodies helps in selecting blood units that are compatible with the patient’s antibodies for transfusion.

The risks are minimal and are similar to those of a standard blood draw.

Yes, certain medications can affect the results. It is essential to inform the doctor of any medications you are taking.

During pregnancy, a woman may develop antibodies that can affect the fetus. Regular screening during pregnancy is important.

Common antibodies include Anti-D, Anti-C, Anti-c, Anti-E, and Anti-Kell.

Some patients may have multiple antibodies, or rare antibodies, which can make the identification process challenging.

Antibody titer is the concentration of an antibody. High titers of clinically significant antibodies may indicate an increased risk for transfusion reactions.

If you have a history of antibodies, it’s essential to inform your doctor, especially if you are pregnant or require a blood transfusion.

Consult a hematologist or your primary care doctor for guidance and potential referral to a specialist if antibodies are detected in your blood.

The safety of blood transfusions is vital. Blood Group Antibody Screening and Identification play an essential role in preventing transfusion reactions. It is especially important for individuals with a history of antibodies, those requiring blood transfusions, and pregnant women. Knowing the specific antibodies present in the blood helps healthcare professionals make informed decisions regarding blood compatibility. If you have antibodies in your blood, it is crucial to work closely with your doctor to manage your health effectively.

Blood group Antibody Screening and Identification
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