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Patient Preparing : No special preparation is needed for the patient as the sample will be collected by a healthcare professional during a procedure or surgery.

₹ 1350

Biopsy, an important medical procedure, involves taking a small tissue sample for testing in a lab. When it comes to medium-sized specimens obtained from procedures like simple hysterectomy, placenta, gall bladder, breast lumpectomies and reductions, prostate and bladder chippings, skin excisions for cancer, and brain tumours, they hold paramount importance in diagnosing a spectrum of diseases, guiding treatment decisions, and monitoring the process of specific conditions.

Medium-sized specimen biopsies play a crucial role, primarily in diagnosing or ruling out cancer. However, they also serve as essential tools for investigating infections or identifying other abnormalities. These biopsies pave the way for precise and personalised treatment strategies, delivering invaluable insights into a patient's health.

Activate the potential of biopsy medium specimen test in the context of whole healthcare. Utilise the power of accurate diagnosis and informed treatment decisions that are suited to each individual's health needs.

Test Name Biopsy - Medium Specimen (Simple Hysterectomy, Placenta, Gall Bladder, Breast Lumpectomies and Reductions, Prostate and Bladder Chippings, Skin Excisions for Cancer, Brain Tumors)
Sample Type Tissue specimen from the relevant organ
Preparations Required No special preparation is needed for the patient as the sample will be collected by a healthcare professional during a procedure or surgery.
Report Time 4 days
Price in Hyderabad ₹ 1350

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the importance of the biopsy of medium-sized specimens?

Taking samples from medium-sized specimens gives enough tissue for a detailed lab check. This helps spot if cells are normal or not, and it's super useful for diagnosing lots of things, from infections and inflammation to different kinds of cancer. The info they get is key for figuring out what's up and how to treat it.

2. How is the biopsy performed?

How they do a biopsy of a medium-sized specimen depends on which organ they're taking tissue from. Sometimes, it's part of a surgery, like a simple hysterectomy or a breast lumpectomy. Other times, it's a separate procedure just to grab tissue for testing.

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3. Is the procedure painful?

Usually, they use local, regional, or general anaesthesia to dull any pain during the biopsy. This helps keep discomfort to a minimum or even completely gets rid of it.

4. What do pathologists look for in the biopsy specimen?

Pathologists study the tissue sample under a microscope. They look at how the cells appear, their structure, and if there are any weird or cancerous cells hanging around.

5. Are there risks associated with a biopsy?

Like any medical thing, biopsies have some risks, such as infection, bleeding or, in super rare cases, harm to nearby structures. But usually, these risks are low, and what they learn from the biopsy is super important for the person's health.

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