ABL1 - Minor (p190) Quantitative PCR

BCR/ABL1 - Minor (p190) Quantitative PCR test is an essential tool for the diagnosis and monitoring of certain types of leukemia, specifically Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and sometimes Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML). This test is designed to detect the presence and quantity of the BCR-ABL1 fusion gene, a critical aberration that is often found in these types of leukemia

ALL and CML are both types of blood cancers that originate from the bone marrow but they affect different types of lymphocytes. Both of these diseases can be characterized by the presence of the BCR-ABL1 fusion gene, which results from a genetic translocation known as the Philadelphia chromosome. This fusion gene is responsible for producing an abnormal protein that leads to the uncontrolled proliferation of white blood cells, thereby causing leukemia

  • Test Name BCR/ABL1 - Minor (p190) Quantitative PCR
  • Sample Type Blood or Bone Marrow
  • Preparations Required No special preparations are required for this test
  • Report Time 5 days

In the context of this test, "minor" refers to a specific type of BCR-ABL1 fusion gene known as p190, which is most commonly associated with ALL and sometimes CML. This test is "quantitative," which means it not only detects the presence of the BCR-ABL1 fusion gene but also measures its quantity in the blood or bone marrow

The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology employed by this test is a powerful tool that allows for the amplification and subsequent analysis of specific DNA segments. In the case of the BCR/ABL1 - Minor (p190) Quantitative PCR test, PCR is used to identify and measure the amount of BCR-ABL1 fusion gene in a sample.

This test plays a pivotal role in diagnosing ALL and can also be used to monitor the progress of the disease and the effectiveness of treatment. The quantitative nature of this test also allows healthcare providers to track changes in the quantity of the BCR-ABL1 fusion gene over time, which can provide crucial insights into the patient's response to treatment.

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Reporting of the sample at lab
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Frequently Asked Questions

This test is used to detect and measure the quantity of the BCR-ABL1 fusion gene in the blood or bone marrow, specifically the "minor" or p190 type, which is often associated with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and sometimes Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML).

The test is typically ordered at the time of diagnosis to confirm ALL or CML and can be repeated at intervals to monitor disease progression or response to treatment.

The test involves taking a sample of blood or bone marrow, which is then analyzed in a laboratory. The sample's DNA is extracted, and the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technique is used to amplify the BCR-ABL1 fusion gene if it's present.

A positive result indicates the presence of the BCR-ABL1 fusion gene and supports a diagnosis of ALL or CML. The quantity of the gene present can also provide insight into the severity of the disease and how well a patient is responding to treatment.

The risks associated with this test are minimal and are usually related to the sample collection process. Some people may experience slight discomfort or bruising at the site where the blood is drawn.

Factors that can affect the results include recent blood transfusions and certain medications. It's essential to inform your doctor of any medications you're taking before the test.

No special preparations are required for this test.

The frequency of this test is typically determined by your healthcare provider, based on your diagnosis, stage of disease, and treatment plan.

No, this test requires specialized laboratory facilities and cannot be performed at home.

If your test results are abnormal, you should consult a hematologist or an oncologist.

The BCR/ABL1 - Minor (p190) Quantitative PCR test is a valuable tool in diagnosing and managing ALL and sometimes CML. By accurately detecting and quantifying the BCR-ABL1 fusion gene, this test provides critical insights that help guide diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of these types of leukemia. As with all medical tests, understanding the purpose, process, and implications of the results is key to effectively managing your health. Always consult with your healthcare provider for any concerns or questions you may have.

BCR/ABL 1 -Minor (p190) Quantitative PCR
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