Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Test Price in Hyderabad

Patient Preparing : No special preparation, such as fasting, is required. Women may be advised to take the test at a specific time during their menstrual cycle, usually in the early follicular phase (days 2-4).

₹ 1975

The development of the AMH test allows you to investigate your reproductive state, which is a game-changer. This innovative test delves deeper into the specifics of your reproduction, revealing how many eggs are left in your system and your overall chance of getting pregnant. One vital reproductive hormonal marker is the anti-mullerian hormone (Amh), which unveils the secret behind your fertility. AMH is produced in women’s ovaries by follicles, and it provides valuable information about your egg counts that can reveal aspects of your potential fertility window.

Consider the ECLIA, a cutting-edge technique in the measurement of serum AMH concentrations. The superior method gives high sensitivities, hence allowing for optimal measurements regarding your reproductive health care.

The AMH test becomes the light in darkness for women searching for enlightenment during their fertility journeys. Knowledge of your AMH levels is essential as it lets you know how many good eggs are left to help you in planning a family.

AMH, however, transcends a woman’s fertility to have significant implications on male reproduction. Essential in the growth and normal working of the testes, it is an open book to male reproductive health.

The AMH test is your stepping stone to the future in reproductive healthcare for fertility awareness and informed decisions on family planning choices.

Consider exploring options like diagnostics near you to ensure convenient and timely assessments, incorporating advanced techniques like ECLIA and Sprint Diagnostics for a thorough understanding of reproductive health.

Test Name AMH (ECLIA) - Anti-Mullerian Hormone Electrochemiluminescence Immunoassay
Sample Type Blood
Preparations Required No special preparation, such as fasting, is required. Women may be advised to take the test at a specific time during their menstrual cycle, usually in the early follicular phase (days 2-4).
Report Time 6 hours
Price in Hyderabad ₹ 1975

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of the AMH test, particularly through ECLIA?

AMH levels provide information about a woman's ovarian reserve or egg count. For men, it is indicative of testicular function. ECLIA is a sensitive and accurate method for measuring AMH, which can help in assessing fertility and guiding treatment in both men and women.

2. How is the AMH (ECLIA) test performed?

A blood sample is drawn from a vein in the arm, and the AMH levels are measured using the ECLIA method in a laboratory.

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3. Are there any factors that can affect AMH levels?

Age is a significant factor, as AMH levels decrease with age in women. Certain conditions like PCOS can result in elevated AMH levels. Lifestyle factors such as smoking can also affect levels.

4. How can I improve my AMH levels?

There is no proven way to improve AMH levels significantly, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking, and managing underlying health conditions can positively impact reproductive health.

5. Which doctor should I consult if my AMH levels are abnormal?

Women should consult a gynaecologist, and men should consult a urologist or endocrinologist in case of abnormal AMH levels.

6. Can lifestyle changes impact AMH levels?

While age and genetic factors play a significant role in determining AMH levels, maintaining a healthy lifestyle may positively affect reproductive health. However, evidence regarding the direct impact on AMH levels is limited.

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