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Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Test Price, Normal Range | Sprint Diagnostics Hyderabad

Alpha-1-Antitrypsin (AAT) is a protein produced by the liver and is essential in protecting the lungs from the harmful effects of enzymes released during inflammation. In cases where AAT levels are low or the protein is dysfunctional, an individual is at risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and liver diseases. The deficiency or dysfunction of AAT is caused by mutations in the SERPINA1 gene and is known as Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency (AATD). Detecting levels of AAT and diagnosing AATD is important for managing lung and liver diseases and developing a suitable treatment plan.

  • Test Name Alpha-1-Antitrypsin
  • Sample Type Blood
  • Preparations Required No special preparation is needed for this test. Continue with your normal diet and medications unless otherwise directed by your doctor.
  • Report Time 6 hours

Home Sample Collection Process

Book your convenient slot
Book your convenient slot
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Reporting of the sample at lab
Reporting of the sample at lab
Download Reports
Download Reports
Frequently Asked Questions

The Alpha-1-Antitrypsin test is a blood test that measures the level of AAT protein in the blood. It is used to diagnose Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency and assess the risk of developing lung and liver diseases.

This test is crucial for diagnosing AATD, a genetic disorder that can lead to lung diseases such as emphysema and COPD, and liver diseases such as cirrhosis. Early detection helps in managing symptoms and preventing complications.

Individuals with a family history of AATD, symptoms of COPD, unexplained liver disease, or those who have been identified with abnormal lung function should consider getting tested.

A healthcare professional will draw a blood sample from a vein in your arm. The sample is sent to a laboratory, where the level of AAT in the blood is measured.

A low level of AAT indicates a possible deficiency, which may be due to genetic mutations. This deficiency can put individuals at risk for lung and liver diseases.

There is no cure for AATD, but there are treatments that can help manage the symptoms and slow down the progression of lung disease. These treatments include bronchodilators, inhaled steroids, oxygen therapy, and in severe cases, lung transplantation.

Yes, lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, avoiding lung irritants, engaging in regular exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet can significantly impact the management of AATD.

Yes, AATD is a genetic condition and can be passed down from parents to their children.

Long-term complications of AATD include progressive lung damage leading to COPD and emphysema, liver damage, liver cirrhosis, and increased risk of liver cancer.

While you cannot change your genetic makeup, lifestyle changes such as avoiding smoking, reducing exposure to pollutants, and adhering to medical management can help in preventing the progression of diseases associated with AATD.

If you have a known deficiency or a family history of AATD, your doctor will recommend the frequency of testing based on your health status and risk factors.

Acute infections and inflammation can temporarily raise the levels of AAT in the blood.

Modifiable factors include smoking and exposure to pollutants. Non-modifiable factors include genetics.

Certain medications, especially those affecting liver function, may impact AAT levels. It is important to discuss your medications with your doctor before the test.

If the test shows low levels of Alpha-1-Antitrypsin, you should consult a pulmonologist for lung-related issues or a hepatologist for liver-related issues.

Alpha-1-Antitrypsin is a critical protein in protecting the lungs and liver from damage. Understanding your AAT levels and genetic predisposition to AATD can help in the early detection and management of lung and liver diseases. It's important to work closely with your doctor to develop a comprehensive and individualized plan for managing AATD if you are diagnosed with this condition.

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