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Aldosterone - 24 Hour Urine Test

The Aldosterone - 24 Hour Urine Test is a diagnostic procedure that measures the amount of aldosterone, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, present in your urine over a 24-hour period. This test plays an integral role in the investigation of possible adrenal gland disorders, particularly those related to the regulation of blood pressure and balance of electrolytes.

Aldosterone is a hormone that helps manage sodium and potassium levels in the body, contributing to the regulation of blood pressure. If your body produces too much or too little aldosterone, it can lead to imbalances that can cause hypertension (high blood pressure), low blood potassium levels, or other health problems.

  • Profile Name: Aldosterone - 24 Hour Urine Test
  • Sample Type: Urine
  • Preparations Required: No fasting required. Avoid consuming licorice and alcohol at least 24 hours prior to the test.
  • Report Time: 3 days

What is the Aldosterone - 24 Hour Urine Test?

This is a diagnostic test that measures the level of aldosterone in your urine over a 24-hour period.

Why is this test important?

The test is crucial in diagnosing disorders of the adrenal glands, especially those affecting blood pressure and electrolyte balance.

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Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
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Reporting of the sample at lab
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Download Reports
Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to fast before this test. However, you should avoid consuming licorice and alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to the test.

This test is often ordered if you have high blood pressure that is difficult to control, or if you have symptoms of low potassium levels, such as weakness or muscle cramps.

This test measures the level of aldosterone, a hormone that helps regulate sodium and potassium levels in the body.

Normal values can vary, but typically the aldosterone level in a 24-hour urine sample is less than 20 micrograms.

Certain medications, stress, time of day, body position, and pregnancy can affect the results of your Aldosterone - 24 Hour Urine Test.

Abnormally high levels of aldosterone can indicate conditions such as Conn's syndrome (hyperaldosteronism), adrenal tumors, or certain types of kidney disease.

If your results are abnormal, consult an endocrinologist.

Follow your doctor's instructions on preparing for the test, including any dietary restrictions.

Yes, factors like medication use, diet, stress levels, and time of day can influence aldosterone levels. Non-modifiable factors can include genetic conditions or diseases affecting the adrenal glands.

The frequency of this test will depend on your individual health circumstances and your doctor's recommendations.

Yes, medications, particularly those used to manage blood pressure, can affect aldosterone levels.

The test is generally safe, with minimal risks associated with urine collection.

If your test results are abnormal, further diagnostic tests may be necessary to determine the cause of the imbalance in aldosterone levels.

The Aldosterone - 24 Hour Urine Test provides crucial information about the functioning of your adrenal glands and their effect on your blood pressure and electrolyte balance. With the help of this test, your doctor can diagnose and manage potential adrenal disorders effectively, ensuring your well-being. Remember to consult your doctor for more information and to discuss any concerns you may have about this test.

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