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AFB/TB Susceptibility: Ofloxacin (Rapid- MGIT) Test

The AFB/TB Susceptibility: Ofloxacin (Rapid- MGIT) test is a critical diagnostic tool utilized in the fight against Tuberculosis (TB), an infectious disease primarily affecting the lungs, caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This test discerns the susceptibility or resistance of the bacteria to Ofloxacin, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic used in the management of TB, particularly in cases of multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB). The information obtained from this test allows healthcare professionals to design appropriate and effective treatment plans.

This test utilizes the MGIT (Mycobacteria Growth Indicator Tube) methodology, a rapid, fully automated system for detecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis in clinical specimens and for testing their susceptibility to Ofloxacin. Early and accurate detection of drug resistance is crucial in initiating the right treatment, preventing the spread of the disease, and combatting the emergence of extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB).

  • Test Name AFB/TB Susceptibility: Ofloxacin (Rapid- MGIT)
  • Sample Type Sputum, BAL, Tissue, Body Fluids
  • Preparations Required No specific preparation is necessary for this test.
  • Report Time 4 weeks

Home Sample Collection Process

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Book your convenient slot
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Sample Collection by Phlebotomist
Reporting of the sample at lab
Reporting of the sample at lab
Download Reports
Download Reports
Frequently Asked Questions

Given the rising global incidence of MDR-TB and XDR-TB, identifying the susceptibility of the TB bacteria to both first-line and second-line anti-TB drugs is extremely important. Knowing the resistance pattern of the bacterium is crucial for successful treatment and control of TB.

No, fasting is not required for this test.

No special preparation is needed for this test. Your healthcare provider will give you detailed instructions about the sample collection process.

This test is generally ordered after a confirmed diagnosis of TB, especially if there is suspicion of drug resistance.

This test measures the sensitivity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to the drug Ofloxacin. This information is vital in determining whether Ofloxacin can effectively treat the TB infection.

The frequency of AFB/TB Susceptibility Ofloxacin (Rapid- MGIT) test depends on your healthcare provider's recommendations. It is typically done after a TB diagnosis and whenever drug resistance is suspected.

A normal result indicates that the Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the sample is sensitive to Ofloxacin, suggesting that this antibiotic can effectively treat the infection.

This test should be carried out under the guidance of a healthcare provider. It's crucial to maintain a sterile environment during the sample collection to prevent contamination, which could lead to inaccurate results.

The quality of the sample, presence of inhibitors in the sample, and the specific methodology used for the test can affect the test results.

If your test results indicate resistance to Ofloxacin, it's advisable to consult a healthcare provider specializing in infectious diseases or pulmonology.

Yes, certain medications and existing health conditions can affect the results of this test. Make sure to inform your healthcare provider about all medications, supplements, and health conditions before the test.

Yes, pregnant women can undergo this test if it is recommended by their healthcare provider.

There are minimal risks associated with this test. You might experience slight discomfort or bruising at the site of sample collection.

The AFB/TB Susceptibility: Ofloxacin (Rapid- MGIT) test is a crucial component of the TB treatment strategy, particularly in the context of drug resistance. The information it provides aids healthcare providers in tailoring the most effective treatment plan, thus improving patient outcomes and controlling the spread of the disease. Always adhere to your healthcare provider's advice regarding the necessity and interpretation of this test.

AFB/TB Susceptibility : Ofloxacin (Rapid- MGIT)
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