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Patient Preparing : There is no special preparation required for this test.

₹ 4000

The AFB/TB - MOTT Species Differentiation test is a specialized laboratory procedure used to differentiate between Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacterium responsible for tuberculosis (TB), and non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM), also known as Mycobacteria Other Than Tuberculosis (MOTT).

Test Name AFB/TB - MOTT Species Differentiation
Sample Type Sputum, Bronchial wash, BAL, Tissue, CSF, Body Fluids
Preparations Required There is no special preparation required for this test.
Report Time 4 Days
Price ₹ 4000

Why is this test important?

Non-tuberculous mycobacteria are naturally occurring organisms found in various environments such as soil and water. While NTM infections are less common than TB, they can cause diseases similar to TB, particularly in individuals with weakened immune systems. Understanding whether a person's mycobacterial infection is due to TB or NTM is crucial as the treatment strategies for these two groups of mycobacteria are significantly different.

Does this test require fasting?

No, fasting is not required for this test.

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What preparations are needed for this test?

No specific preparation is needed for this test. It's important, however, to follow the sample collection instructions provided by your healthcare provider to ensure accurate results.

When should this test be done?

This test is typically ordered if a person shows signs and symptoms consistent with a mycobacterial infection, and initial tests are positive for mycobacteria, but it's unclear whether the infection is due to TB or NTM.

What does the test measure?

The test identifies and differentiates between M. tuberculosis and other species of mycobacteria (NTM/MOTT) present in a patient's sample.

How often should this test be done?

The frequency of this test is determined by the healthcare provider based on the patient's condition and response to treatment.

What are normal values for this test?

A normal result would indicate no mycobacteria detected. However, if mycobacteria are present, the test will specify whether it's M. tuberculosis or another species (NTM/MOTT).

What precautions should be taken?

As with any medical test, it's important to provide an accurate sample for analysis. Follow your healthcare provider's instructions for sample collection.

What factors can affect the levels?

Test results can be affected by improper sample collection, laboratory error, or the presence of multiple species of mycobacteria in the sample.

Which doctor should I consult if the test result is abnormal?

Abnormal results should be discussed with an infectious disease specialist or a pulmonologist, who can guide further management.

Can medications affect the test result?

Current anti-tuberculosis medications can influence the test results. Inform your healthcare provider of any medications you are currently taking.

Can this test be done on pregnant women?

Yes, this test can be performed on pregnant women suspected of having a mycobacterial infection.

What are the risks associated with the test?

The risks associated with this test are minimal and are mostly related to the sample collection process. If tissue or fluid samples are needed, the procedures to collect these may carry additional risks.

How reliable is the test?

The AFB/TB - MOTT Species Differentiation test is a reliable tool for differentiating between M. tuberculosis and NTM. However, the accuracy of the results depends on correct sample collection and laboratory procedures.

Can this test diagnose tuberculosis or non-tuberculous mycobacterial infections?

This test can provide valuable information about the type of mycobacterial infection (whether it's due to TB or NTM) but it's one part of the overall diagnostic process. Additional tests and clinical information are usually required to make a definitive diagnosis.

Understanding the type of mycobacterial infection you have is key to receiving effective treatment. The AFB/TB - MOTT Species Differentiation test provides this critical information and contributes significantly to the management of mycobacterial diseases. Always consult your healthcare provider for more information and guidance regarding this and other diagnostic tests.

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