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  • Ultra-fast advanced high resolution digital PET-CT with 80 slice CT scanner with cardiac features, 5mCi/patient with complete study time of 5 mins (First in South-India).
  • India's first ACS powered 3T MRI (MRI scanning in 100 secs)
  • Ultra-fast advanced high resolution 160 slice CT scanner (First in South-India in diagnostics with 0.3 sec rotation).
  • First HLA typing and antibody testing for organ transplant in the diagnostics in AP and Telangana
  • First flow cytometry with TBNK analysis using flow cytometry for immuno monitoring of a COVID-19 patient or for immuno deficiency.
  • India's first advanced dual detector ultra low dose with auto stitching direct digital radiography in diagnostics.
  • First full field ultra low dose digital mammography in AP & Telangana diagnostics.
  • High-end digital ultrasound / color doppler.
  • ECG / TMT
  • EEG / ENMG
  • Bone Mineral Densitometer
  • BD flow cytometer 6 colors and 2 laser systems
  • Thermo Fisher RT PCR and RNA extraction machine
  • Luminex HLA typing machine
  • Roche biochemistry and immunoassay
  • Horiba 6 part analyser
  • Automatic tissue processor and microtome
  • Digital pathology
  • 20000 Sft with world-class state-of-the-art equipments and infrastructure at main hub, Jubilee Hills
  • Biomeriux fully automated microbiology systems (VITEK2 and Bactalert 3D)
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