Regular Medical Health Checkups

The human body is a complex system comprising organs, bones, muscles, and the nervous system. The human body's functioning is multifaceted that requires regular medical health checkups to ensure that a person is in good health. Being in good health is important, though the majority of the people is concerned about their visual appearance and makes a great effort to look good and robust from the outside. Perhaps looking good from the outside does not ensure better health, as sometimes people don’t get to know about some grave underlying serious disease till it turns into serious and adversely affects the health of the person. To avoid any serious health issues, people must go for regular medical health checkups because this will help them identify medical problems at an early stage.

About Medical Health Checkup

Medical health checkup or physical exam is a routine test conducted by a medical professional to monitor a person's health. The medical professionals perform a series of medical exams to diagnose diverse parts of the body to determine which parts of the body need more attention. This will help them to address any health concerns or symptoms with the help of their doctor. The medical health checkup starts with taking the person’s medical history along with other relevant health information such as past and present health conditions or diseases, a list of medications if taken, lifestyle, habits, etc. Generally, a regular medical health checkup includes an examination of the following body parts:

  • Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and throat
  • Examine the heart, lungs, and bowels using a stethoscope
  • Taking the person’s weight and height measurement
  • Check blood pressure
  • Check abdomen for unusual lumps
  • Conduct laboratory tests like Complete Blood Count to check for various conditions
  • Conduct blood tests to check cholesterol and glucose levels
  • Conduct urinalysis to monitor kidney and urinary tract health

Benefits of a Regular Medical Health Checkup

There are innumerable benefits that suggest individuals should give significance to regular health checkups and must pay a visit to their doctors to have their routine physical exam. Some of the benefits of a regular medical health checkup are:

Early Detection of Diseases – Regular medical health checkups will allow doctors to determine the signs of diseases that the person may not even know about it. The doctors through medical health checkups can diagnose normal or life-threatening conditions and prevent risks before it is too late or it becomes worse.

Maintains Track of Health - With regular medical health checkups, an individual will get to know vital information related to their health that will further help them know their physical and emotional health so that they can take the appropriate action for their good health and well-being. So instead of waiting for a health problem to occur, it would be better to have medical health checkup to prevent unforeseen events.

Provide Quick Recovery – People should be aware of the fact that some diseases don’t show prominent symptoms, but they worsen before the appearance of visible signs. Thus, a regular health checkup will help in the early detection of the problem and will also provide quick and right treatment on time. Diseases are usually easily curable at an early stage rather than an advanced stage.

Reduce Healthcare Costs –Severe illnesses not only adversely affect patients’ health but drain them financially too. Treatment of severe illnesses incurs a huge amount of money, so regular medical health checkups will help doctors to detect disease on time so that they can treat the health issue without any delay. Early treatment of the disease will reduce the cost of the treatment compared to the treatment at an advanced level.

Increase Life of the Person – Regular medical health checkup helps in the early detection of the disease thus lowering the risk of further complications. The disease gets immediately treated without any delay, thereby improving the long-term health as well as life expectancy. All signs of unusual health get easily detected with medical health checkups and make people aware of good health and a better lifestyle.