Master Medical Health Checkups

In the busy and hectic life schedule, it is difficult to stay alert to the health issues and symptoms of different diseases that may turn serious within a short duration. Besides, even the simplest issue in our heart, liver, and kidney cannot be self-diagnosed, so the significance of a master health checkup simply cannot be overlooked. A master health checkup or full body checkup is performed by the medical professionals where the complete body is scanned to diagnose the existing or potential issues within the minimum time. In a situation when the pandemic is affecting the whole world, the need for a master health checkup is necessary as well as vital across all demographics and age groups.

A master health checkup is carried out as a preventive measure to better manage a person’s health. It includes a complete physical examination comprising 24 profiles such as general physician consultation along with the investigations of breathing rate, height, weight, BMI, pulse, ECG, Complete Blood Picture, ESR, Lipid Profile, CRP, X-Ray, serum creatinine, liver function test, blood urea, HbA1c, TSH, fasting blood sugar, post-lunch blood sugar, ultrasound of the whole abdomen, complete urine examination, prostate-specific antigen in male, PAP Smear in female, and BUN. The exact tests in the master health checkups may vary depending upon the individual’s medical history and doctor recommendations.

The physical examination along with the ultrasound and lab-derived tests help in determining the health of a person’s vital organs and metabolism and will detect any early signs of diseases. Master health checkups in recent times are recommended by the majority of certified doctors and medical experts because this helps people stay healthy and stay away from the risk of silent and hidden diseases. It is a preventive measure that helps people manage health in a better manner. Several clinical tests conducted assess the overall health of a person and based on the reports of these tests appropriate treatments are recommended in case of any sign of a debilitating disease.

Benefits of Master Health Checkups

Every individual above the age of 30 years should go for a master health checkup, as it will help them live healthier, longer, and happier lives. The other major reasons behind getting master health checkups done periodically include:

Get an assessment of overall health - By getting the master health checkup done periodically, individuals will get to know about their current health conditions. In case of any health issue is detected doctor can immediately suggest apt treatment for the problem without aggravating the health issues.

Detects early signs of illness - The master health checkup package includes a list of tests that help in identifying health issues early before it reaches an advanced stage. Early detection of disease will allow people to seek prompt treatment, and if the problem is not so grave then it may also be treated with lifestyle changes or other preventive measures that will improve the condition. The preventive measures and doctor-suggested treatment will nip the health problem in the bud and prevent people from major health problems.

Avoid future health problems – Regular master health checkups comprising of multiple tests and physical consultation will immediately identify any issue in the health that may create major problems in the future. Individuals can undergo a master health checkup once a year to ensure complete peace of mind and stay a healthy and happy life free of any disease and illness.

Maintain overall health - Master health checkups not only serve the purpose of early detecting symptoms of illnesses but also allow individuals to maintain their overall health. Individuals will also get a general assessment of their health from the doctors that will help them maintain good health. Doctors will also advise about the habits that need to be stopped or changed in the patients to make sure that they will not be at risk of any illness.